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After years of putting smiles on hundreds of experienced riflemen and women) the Boomershoot team is now giving people, even those that have never touched a gun before, a chance to experience the pleasures of high-power rifles and high explosives.  Whether you are are a complete novice or you are an experienced long-range varmint hunter there is a Boomershoot Adventure right for you.

If you want to participate in the annual Lewiston Pistol Club Boomershoot event which is open to the public go here.

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What is a Boomershoot Adventure?  In a single sentence, it is a magic kingdom for people with high-power rifles (yours or ours).  Imagine that every time you hit your target it explodes with enough power to be heard five to ten miles away.  Imagine that when you squeeze the trigger the rifle doesn't just recoil into your shoulder and punch a tiny hole in a piece of paper, but the chest thumping shockwave from a solid hit on a reactive target causes cars to shake and house windows to rattle a half mile away.  We make that imaginary vision reality.  This is the core of a Boomershoot Adventure.

All adventures are team events.  We prefer that you have a team assembled prior to contacting us, but we do sometimes assist in putting people in contact with each other to form a team.  The team sizes vary, depending on the specific Boomershoot Adventure, from a minimum of two to a maximum of 10.  In all cases the number of targets per shooter remains the same.

Every Boomershoot Adventure is centered around making targets go BOOM.  In the past this was only for experts.  Experts with the equipment and skills to hit a fist sized target 375 yards away and were eager to try their skill at targets twice that distance.  Now there is something available for everyone.   There are shooting experiences that include instruction and equipment for the complete novice and others that are challenging for the worlds most skill marksmen with their most precise equipment.  Let us give YOU, your friends, and your family, the adventure of a lifetime.

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Contact: joeh@boomershoot.com