March 10, 2003 – MEDIA ALERT


=====Explosives, guns, & fun in Idaho=====

WHAT: Boomer Shoot (Precision rifle shooting at exploding targets)


WHEN: Fri. May 2, 10:00 AM, Long range shooting & explosions

Sat. May 3, 10:00 AM, Precision rifle clinic w/ Major Gene Econ

Sun. May 4, 10:00 AM, Long range shooting & explosions


WHERE: Cavendish, Idaho


WHY: All-American recreational enjoyment of pyrotechnics & guns


CONTACT: Joe Huffman, Event Director, 208-301-4254,

or Stephanie Sailor, Range Assistant,



The typically tranquil community of Teakean-Cavendish will be shaken up as over 100 people gather in Northern Idaho for a weekend of explosives and guns at the sixth annual Boomer Shoot, May 2-4. Spectators are welcome; shooter positions are expected to sellout. A special spectator/shooting slot will be available to media representatives for free.


The shoot is the brainchild of Joe Huffman, a pyrotechnics/firearms enthusiast.

"There is something magical that happens when people see and hear an explosion. The Boomer Shoot is the
Magic Kingdom for precision rifle shooters,” says Huffman.


Hundreds of reactive targets will be used, varying from eight ounces to two pounds of high explosives -- enough to be heard five miles away, causing cars and house walls to shake up to a mile from the range. Debuting at this year’s shoot is Project Fireball, a colossal fiery explosion.


“It took me years to perfect my recipe for Project Fireball. It’s an explosion you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” To view Project Fireball, please visit::


Huffman, a Senior Research Scientist for a government laboratory, organized Boomer Shoot to give people a safe space in which to enjoy the recreational pleasure of guns and explosives. He is also a certified firearms instructor and has an ATF license to manufacture high explosives.


Included at the shoot is a precision rifle clinic taught by Major (Retired) Gene Econ, formerly an Officer in the US Army Special Forces. Econ is currently a marksmanship instructor for the 1st Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) at Fort Lewis.


Shooters and spectators from across the country are expected to attend Boomer Shoot, including law enforcement officers, scientists, engineers, members of the Boeing Pistol & Rifle Club, and Microsoft Gun Club. Others are gun rights activists, such as Stephanie Sailor, who ran for U.S. Congress in ’00 an ’02 as a third party candidate (


“Thrill-seekers come from all walks of life,” says Sailor. "The Boomer Shoot is like the 4th of July in May. It’s good, clean, fun.”


In addition to being a certified firearms instructor, Sailor works in the pharmaceutical industry and is a freelance web designer.


For more information, please contact Joe Huffman at 208.301.4254, or Stephanie Sailor at Visit the Boomer Shoot website at: ###