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Feb. 27, 2005





Explosives therapy for sale on eBay!
Explosions sold on eBay; then detonated in Northern Idaho at Boomershoot

WHAT: Explosions for sale via eBay, to be detonated at Boomershoot, an annual pyrotechnic event of precision rifle shooting at exploding targets

WHERE/WHEN: Now through April 24, 2005: Buy Big Blowups on eBay:

May 1, 9am & 1pm: Explosions detonated in Cavendish, Idaho

WHY: Explosives blowups have valuable healing power



Joe Huffman, Event Director,, 208-301-4254


or Stephanie Sailor, Range Safety Assistant,








The typically tranquil community of Teakean-Cavendish will be shaken up as over 200 people gather in North Central Idaho for a weekend of shooting at exploding targets, during the 8th annual Boomershoot, April 29-May 1, 2005. Featured on May 1st is the debut of The Big Blowup, an explosives therapy service sold via eBay.

”The Big Blowup helps people destroy their pain, and symbols of their pain. Mementos will be blown up and documented for a small fee,” says Joe Huffman, Boomershoot Director. “Consider it cheap therapy.”


For those whom can’t attend Boomershoot, The Big Blowup provides an opportunity to experience the thrilling, healing power of explosives from afar. In return for their payment, before and after photos of mementos/explosions will be emailed to Big Blowup participants, after their objects are detonated on May 1. Link to eBay auction:

”We’re selling explosure: the art of explosives, disposal, closure, and exposure,” says Huffman. “It’s gratifying, satisfying, healthy, fun, and legal.”


Blowups can be bought on eBay for $25 a pop. Boomershoot accepts most mementos for destruction, as long as they meet rules and requirements, and customers cover shipping charges. Details: Big Blowup

The Big Blowup caters to a wide variety customers – from heartbroken lovers disposing of unwanted post-romance objects, to loved ones saying goodbye to mementos of lost loves – and everyone (and everything) in between. Gift certificates are available for all occasions; blowups will be detonated on
May 1, 2005.

”The gift of a Big Blowup will lift the spirits of friends who’ve survived recent divorces, breakups or even makeups,” says Ry Jones, Boomershoot Assistant. “A Big Blowup makes for a fun, unforgettable birthday gift.”

Concern has been raised that explosives sales are prohibited on eBay.

”We’re not selling explosives, we’re selling the documentation of an explosion,” says Huffman. “A photo of an explosion, and the healing that comes with it, has infinite value.”

Boomershoot was started in 1998 to give people a safe space in which to enjoy the recreational pleasure of guns and explosives. Event Director Joe Huffman is a government scientist, certified firearms instructor, and has an ATFE license to manufacture high explosives. Boomershoot has maintained an A+ safety record with participants adhering to strict standards of safe gun handling and operation.

Diverse shooters and spectators from across the country are expected to attend Boomershoot, including law enforcement officers, scientists, engineers, members of the Boeing Pistol & Rifle Club, and Microsoft Gun Club. Spectators are welcome at this year’s event; shooter positions are expected to sellout.

For more information, please contact Joe Huffman at 208.301.4254, or Stephanie Sailor at Visit Boomershoot’s website at ###