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Friday and Saturday
25 and 26 April 2008

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If you want to attend the Clinic, fill out the Registration Form and the Goals Worksheet and send them to Eugene with your check.

Status update February 12, 2008:

Gene reports, "I can take four more guys for coaching on each day and a good twenty more for field fire."

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Hello All!

I note that Joe filled the Boomershoot on the 27th of April. I already have four or five shooters ready for the Clinic so sign up quick. I am long in getting the bulletin out because I have been debating how to run the Clinic this year.

I am offering two types of entry again. The first is for shooters who want individual coaching throughout the day or days (Clinic shooters). The second is for those who just want to shoot and don’t desire coaching (Field Fire). Both the Clinic and Field Fire shooters will get the class in the morning and both will get one large and two small Boomers at the end of each day to shoot. The Clinic shooters will get a data book and the Field Fire shooters some dope sheets for recording zeros. I will focus my attention on coaching and advising the Clinic shooters so I am reserving the left half of the raised berm plus about twenty five yards of the flat area to the left of the berm for those who want coaching. I need to keep the shooters who want coaching within easy reach of me and my staff so the Field Fire shooters will have to find places to our right or left. We have never run out of room so don’t worry about finding a spot.

Cost for those who want coaching will be $70.00 per day. Cost for ‘Field Fire’ shooting will be $35.00 per day.


As with any type of training I run, no matter the audience, the intent remains one of learning and accomplishing individual goals. I believe that shooting is best learned through coaching and under conditions that do not place unnecessary stress on the shooter. Our shooters come from all walks of life and the success of the Clinic and Boomershoot is that we can leave the stresses of daily life behind and enjoy a weekend of shooting, learning, and conversation. So if you think that the Clinic is some sort of para-military shooting event, a competitive event, or a force fed training event – think again. It isn’t and that is the key to its success.

Got Goals?

The Clinic is totally oriented towards achieving individual goals. This is accomplished through one to one interaction between the shooter / observer and me or my cadre. The hardest part for you shooters / observers will be identifying your goals for the Clinic! Without knowing your goals, we will have a hard time focusing our time and resources on your success. If you want our coaching, you got to have some goals. That is my only requirement aside from weapons handling issues. Got to have goals, so once again part of the Clinic Registration Form includes your personal goals for the Clinic. Remember, the Clinic is not a competitive event or a shooting academy. It is oriented on individual goals and our job is to see that (within reason) everyone who wants coaching achieves his or her individual goals. People who have problems identifying goals for themselves are free to write me and we will work together to identify some reasonable goals for you to achieve at the Clinic and Boomershoot itself.


Why change something that works! Here is our schedule for both Clinic days. We meet on the firing line each day as normal. Those who haven’t been to the Boomershoot or Clinic – you will see us very easily from the road. Just follow Joe’s directions to the shooting site.

0830: Sign in for everyone and identify teams. I go with two man teams but won’t argue with anyone if they want to buddy up with more at a firing position.

0900 – 1000: Safety briefing and short class. The class will cover equipment inspection, the data book and or data hand outs, calling shots, wind doping, shooter / observer dialogue, and position development.

1000 – 1130: Shooting Steel.

1130 – 1300: Cease fire and break for lunch.

1300 – 1500: Shooting Steel.

1500 – 1545: Place one large and two small boomers per shooter where ever you want them as long as they are in an impact area (everyone).

1545 – 1600: Shoot your boomers!

1600 – 1630: Clean up.

1700: On site AAR.


Look at the Web Site: If anyone is new to the Clinic and Boomershoot, look at the pictures of the firing area that Joe Huffman has in his web pages. There is a farm road running along the left flank and a farm house across this road. Bullets must stay in the impact area on the side of the hill and when the order to cease fire is given, it must be obeyed immediately. Here are my regulations concerning the Clinic.

If you want to shoot – you need to pay. Certainly, you can sneak on to the line and get over. Or you can hand the rifle to a person you said was only watching and let them shoot. I probably won’t notice either but you are still ripping me off. Few here would take the five or ten man days it takes to prepare for the Clinic, load everything needed, spend eight hours driving to get to the site, set in fifteen steel targets up a decent hillside, put in wind flags, set in the firing line, and take the risk that the whole thing may weather out – thus creating the “return all entry fees” effect. So, if you want to shoot – you need to pay.


Maintain full muzzle awareness at all times.

Load on the firing line.

Unload and make safe on command.

Finger goes on trigger only after barrel is pointed into the impact area.

You may remove your rifle from the firing line to clean and maintain at any time you wish. Take it on yourself to clear and remove the rifle while maintaining muzzle awareness.

If you insist on carrying a pistol, secure it to your body in a manner that prohibits it from pointing at anyone while you are in any position.

No .50 Caliber BMG rifles please.

If you want to shoot your .338 Lapua or Winchester, contact me at for specific rules.

Any rifle that is .30 Caliber or under is authorized. Best effects on Boomers seem to come from 6 and 6.5 mm cartridges.

No ‘Solids’, AP, or API bullets please.

Tracers are authorized only if Joe Huffman so authorizes their use. [Note from Joe: Tracers have caused fires in the past. Tracers will only be allowed if there has been sufficient rain in the last 24 hours. Ask me the day of the shoot if you want to use tracers.]

Black Powder rifles of any caliber are authorized.

Pistols are authorized. Just remember that our first bank of steel is at 375 yards.


Clothing for Hot through Cold and Wet Conditions: It is hard to say what the weather will be like at the end of April. We have had sleet and snow, fine sunny weather, and a mixture of the above all in one day. Pack accordingly. Here are some reminders.

Rifle and Back-Up Rifle: It would be a pity to show up with one rifle and have mechanical problems that preclude your enjoying the Clinic. Bring a back up rifle.

AR or AK: After we have shot at our boomer targets, we sweep the impact area and finish off any that have not been detonated. An AR-15 or AK with a magazine or two of blasting ammo will let you have a whole lot of fun at the end of each day.

Back Up Optic: Another good idea.

100 rounds of Ammunition per Clinic Day

Spotting Scope: An absolute must if you are to learn how to dope wind and read bullet trace. If you have signed up as part of a two man team, make sure your team has at least one spotting scope of very good quality.

A Solid Rest for Your Rifle

Ear Protection: Required. I recommend some electronic ear muffs as we will be talking while others are shooting.

Food and Water for Lunch

If you want to attend the Clinic, fill out the Registration Form and the Goals Worksheet and send it to me with your check. Sorry, I do not take credit card.

Thank you again and let’s have a great time in April!

Gene Econ
November 2007

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Last updated: February 12, 2008