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Taj Mahal -- A Type 1 Explosives Magazine

The following are pictures, sketches, and descriptions of the newest explosives magazine which has been named Taj Mahal.

The location of the new magazine is in the lower left corner of the sketch above.

The magazine is located inside a 10' x 14' steel shed.

The steel reinforcing iron in the concrete floor is only partially installed in the picture.

The walls and top are made of 1/2" steel.  The walls have 3/8" plywood lining them.  The plywood is held in place by 1.25" screws from the outside that go through the plywood and into 1/2" pine slats (not shown in the drawing above).  The screws are only exposed on the outside.

The door is 5/8" steel.  The inside of the door is painted with epoxy paint.  The shackleless locks and hardened hasps pictures are below.

The steel reinforced concrete floor is covered with a anti-static treated polypropylene, rubber backed rug.  The bolts holding the 3000 pound magazine to the floor are painted with epoxy paint also.

There are shielded vents on the bottoms of the side and on the top.  Pictures are shown below.

Shielded top vent.

Screens were added to the openings after the magazine was painted.

Shielded side vent.

Screens were added to the openings after the magazine was painted.

Door with locks attached.  Side vent, still without screens can be seen at the lower right.

One of two Series 2000 shackleless American Locks with six pin tumblers used on the door.

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Updated Pictures After Improvements

The magazine has been covered with a spray foam insulation. When the magazine has explosive materials stored there is also dry ice in the magazine to slow down the deterioration of the Boomerite. The insulation helps mantain the temperature.

Shrouds have been welded to the magazine to protect the the hasps and locks.

The interior after exterior modifications.

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Email: Joe Huffman
Last updated: November 25, 2019