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Bomb Help 2001

bulletMaybe Just A Little Slow to Notice.
bulletWho's Stupid Here?
bulletNever mind.
bulletGrumpy Old Man.

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These web pages on get searched for bomb building information via google,, yahoo, etc. every day.  Here are the number of searches broken down by month for 2001.

Wondering whether the big spike in September started before or after the 11th I graphed that month out by the day.

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Maybe Just A Little Slow to Notice.

From: Shauh Ali [snip]  []
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 1:45 PM
Subject: Tell me,how to!

Hi,my friend,and welcome!
I've read your mail in and I ask you,so please tell me: How can i make a bomb,give me a plan,or a skatch,or anything with it,drawings, or other.
I don't wanna make an atom bomb,just a smaller, which can destroys about

50-100 m3 . Please,tell me,how to make it! Thank you!

From: Joe Huffman []
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 2:10 PM
Cc: ATF Intelligence Division
Subject: RE: Tell me,how to!

Did you check out my web page: ?


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Who's Stupid Here?

From: Ice box 
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 10:48 PM
Subject: Are you just stupid?

What the hell is the idea of wasting a web page if you dont want to help any kids to make bombs. I'm 11 and I'd know. 

Please reply without any stupid answers!

I was in a good mood at the time so I was charitable.

From: JoeH
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 10:55 PM
To: Ice box
Subject: RE: Are you just stupid?

Great way to start a conversation -- 'Are you just stupid?'

I'll overlook that for now...

You'd know what?

---- (Cell phone text message 110 chars max) 

His email address was invalid.  So he didn't get the message.  Oh well.  He probably wouldn't have got it even if he got the email.

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From: Sandro [snip] [mailto[snip]]
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2001 8:16 AM
To: JoeH
Subject: bomb

Could vou please wrote me how to make a bomb with a simple bang? Thank you.

From: pamela [snip]
Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2001 12:03 AM
To: JoeH
Subject: bombs

how do you make a bomb that creates a ball of fire or is very powerful. i dont want to blow up my school or anything like that. i just want to throw them in prarie dog holes and blow up beaver dams. i heard that people can make bombs out of bleach or aspirin. is that true? i have had no sucess, just a mess with my other aerosol bombs. please respond to peternat@ [snip]



These two have me a bit perplexed.  What is going on here?  The first uses almost the exact same words as my 13-year old 'friend' in the UK.  They must have read at least part of this page.  English probably isn't their native language, oh well.  I ignored it.

The second refers to beaver dams, again implying they read this page.  Then, the From: field has a Pamela, I'm asked to reply to a 'Peter', and it is signed 'Lee'.  I ignored it.

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Never Mind

From: TheAwakement [snip]
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 2:45 PM
To: JoeH
Subject: got a question..

just saw your website...(help building a bomb).......and i got a question for you.... 

I already know how to make a load of bombs...(simple...and complex..).....i have never tried though...(too afraid of blowing my own arm off.).....i have made some smoke bombs though...kinda cool....anyway, i was thinking of making small exploading bombs..(firecrackers and such)...just to have some fun, but like i said, i dont want to blow my arm i was just wondering if you could give me some safety tips and some rules to follow in making this kind of stuff??........i would really appreciate your help..thanks... 

And two minutes later:

From: TheAwakement [snip]
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 2:47 PM
To: JoeH
Subject: nevermind..

hey forget about the question i just asked........i probably wouldnt have the balls to go through with it, and i dont want to waste your time...thanks anyway. 

I didn't make up his email address.  That's really what it is (minus the domain name).  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.

My response: 

From: JoeH

No problem.

Check out some time. I've got some new material up.


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Grumpy Old Man

From: Scott [snip]
Sunday, September 30, 2001 4:10 AM

        you must be a very sad , grumpy old man!!!....when i was young and inquisitive which was like 25 yrs we never had the wonderfull tool called "internet" so when i started with explosives it was done from books and trial & error.

pyrotechnicks is a wonderfull hoby & future, and if i had`nt experimented with it i feel i would have lost out on hrs of fun .working with explosives is HANDS ON ,you dont get no fun reading about you think that the 13yr old boy is now going to forget about explosives becuase you probobly got him suspended from school....NO.!! why didnt you give him a bit of helpfull advice , point him in the right direction of safety issues, and learning pyrotechnicks properly. 

lets face it....a boy of 13 is hardly going to try and make nitro glycerin or c4........he just wanted to make a small bang....this can be produced very easy with next to no danger..........and the learning experiance could be MASSIVE.......

I've received lots of email about this page.  This was the first one that I could almost take seriously that was critical... <shrug>.  Can't make everyone happy.

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Email: Joe Huffman
Last updated: December 30, 2004