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Gene Econ Bio

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Major (Ret) Gene Econ is a 20-year US Army veteran who has served in various Command and Staff positions in the Infantry, Military Intelligence, and Special Forces Branches. The majority of his career was spent in the Special Forces having served in the 10th and 1st Special Forces Groups. His career and tactical expertise spans several distinct periods of doctrine in the US Army, from Vietnam era Counter Insurgency, through Cold War doctrine involving Strategic Reconnaissance and Unconventional Warfare, conventional mechanized warfare, and finally Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance, and Special Operations Direct Action doctrine oriented towards the post Cold War military requirements of the Army. Throughout his career, Maj. Econ has focused his training abilities and attention on small unit tactics and firearms expertise that culminated by being allowed to stand up and command a Sniper Committee at the 1st Special Forces for several years prior to his retirement in 1997.

Following his Army career, Maj. Econ started his own business in Washington State focused on small arms training for Fort Lewis units and has successfully completed numerous Advanced Rifle Marksmanship, Sniper, and Reconnaissance related courses as well as courses that train leadership how to train military marksmen. In addition to these courses, Maj. Econ is periodically contracted by Omega Training of Columbus Ga. to assist in the fielding of the Army’s Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 firearms simulator. 

Maj. Econ has pursued competitive High Power marksmanship for over ten years with the Service and Match rifles, and is an Assistant Coach for the Washington National Guard rifle team. He is an avid handloader and an amateur ballistician, swaging and evaluating his own jacketed match grade .30 caliber rifle bullets on the firing range. He is a Life Member of the NRA, a Decade Member of the Special Forces Association and a member of the Special Forces List. He lives in Lacey Washington. 

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Gene Econ
511 Hidden Forest Drive SE.
Lacey Washington
(360) 459-3848