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Long Range Hunter

Intended audience

This adventure is for experienced long range shooters.  You should be an experienced varmint or bench-rest shooter.  You will have boomers from 200 yards to 900 yards away.  Your equipment and skills must be top notch.  You will need optics of at least 10 X power, and a rifle and load that can keep the bullet going at least 1400 fps at the range you expect to connect with a boomer.  A friend or fellow shooter to spot your hits/misses for you is highly recommended.

Equipment required


An accurate (1 MOA or better) centerfire rifle.  


High power (10 X or greater) scope.


200 rounds (minimum) of ammo.


Eye and ear protection.


Clothes appropriate for the weather.  Contact us a few days before your visit to get a better idea of the conditions.

Optional equipment

Laser range finder.

Overview of the adventure

The adventure starts at 9:00 AM with a 5 minute review of the safety rules, and 20 minutes of Boomershoot history and discussion.  You will set up on a sturdy bench on a ridge overlooking a field and rocky hillside.  There will be 40 targets per shooter, 30 will be 1/2 pound boomers, 10 will be two pound boomers.  All will explode with enough power to give your chest a solid thump regardless of the range.  The most distant and largest targets will be from 600 to 900 yards away.  The smaller targets will be from 200 to 600 yards away with a few teasers out at the 800 to 900 yard range.  You and your spotter will work as a team to connect with the closer targets and then work out to the more distant ranges as you get a feel for the winds and the bullet drop at those ranges.  You will take a 1 hour break for lunch and to clean your gun.  The unexploded targets will be inspected, and if desired, brought in closer for the afternoon session by the Boomershoot team. 

You will finish by 3:00 or 4:00 PM when you run out of ammo or just plain run out of energy.  Almost for certain you won't run out of targets.