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Novice Adventure

Intended audience

This adventure was designed for people with little or no rifle experience.  If you have never shot boomers before it will also be fun for even the most experienced shooter.  The price includes the rental of a rifle and ammo. 

Equipment required

Clothes appropriate for the weather.  Contact us a few days before your visit to get a better idea of the conditions.

Optional equipment

Your own ear and eye protection.  We can supply eye and ear protection, but feel free to bring your own. 

Overview of the adventure

The adventure starts at with one hour of training for safety, firearm operation, and marksmanship fundamentals.  The rifles used will be semi-autos, 7.62 x 39 or .223 caliber.  These are easy to operate, reliable, mild recoiling firearms.  You will become acquainted with and care for your rifle like a new friend.

You will shoot from a sturdy bench with one-on-one attention from an instructor at all times.  There will be a total of 15 boomers for each shooter.  There will be 10 four-inch, 3 six-inch, and 2 eight-inch boomers.  They will be in plain sight and an experienced marksman will be able to hit one with every shot.  The shooter will be able to select the placement of the targets.  Up close (subject to the safety concerns) or up to 100 yards away.  All shooters will complete their set of targets which will take about an hour.  Then the adventure wraps up with 30 minutes of Boomershoot history and discussion of your experience.


$200 per person for five or more people.  Maximum of ten shooters.  Spectators are welcome but they must bring their own eye and ear protection and obey the range safety rules.

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Last update: September 20, 2004

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