The event is located in north central Idaho. The closest town is Orofino.

GPS info: N 46o 32.598' W 116o 23.477' or N 46.5433o W 116.39128o.

The closest commercial airport is Lewiston, Idaho. Pullman, Washington is a very close second. Both will be about a one hour drive. Spokane, Washington will have cheaper fares but will be about a three hour drive.

If you travel by plane you might want to read this web page on commercial air travel with firearms: Guns and Planes.

If you are coming from the Seattle area go east on I-90 to Vantage. DO NOT CONTINUE ON I-90 TO SPOKANE! At Vantage take Washington State route 26 east to Colfax. From Colfax go south on US 195 towards Lewiston (and Moscow/Pullman). US 195 will become US 95 and take you to Lewiston. If you are going on to Orofino from Lewiston, get on east bound US 12 and follow it to Orofino.

Directions to Cavendish from most of the online maps such as Yahoo and Expedia will get you lost. Do not used them. You can use them to get to Orofino, Moscow, or Lewiston. From there use the directions below.

From either Lewiston or Moscow go east and follow signs to Kendrick. Once in Kendrick, continue on through town to the northeast (when coming in from Moscow take a left when you hit town). Watch for signs to Southwick, Dworshak Dam, and Cavendish. Shortly after you leave Kendrick the main road takes a slight left up a hill, you take the right turn toward Southwick, etc. on P1. Then another 0.3 miles or so and you need to take another right (continuing on P1) across a bridge and up a steep hill. After you go a mile or so past Southwick the mile markers on P1 will start counting down, instead of up, when you enter into Clearwater County. At the south end of Cavendish is mile marker 10, at the junction of P1 and "Middle Road". Take a left (east) and follow "Middle Road" for about 2.5 miles (it makes a short jog to the south, don't sweat it, just stay on the main road) to Meridian Road. Turn right (south) on this gravel road and go about 0.5 miles to the driveway type road on the right. Take the right. About 200 yards ahead on your left will be the parking area.

Bing Map directions from Kendrick:

Map from Kendrick.
Click to get larger version.

Route:18.8 miles, 37 min
Start: Kendrick, ID via Old Highway 7 / CR-P1

1 Depart SR-3 / E Main St toward 6th St 1.1 mi
2 Bear right onto Cedar Ridge Rd / CR-P 10.4 mi
3 Keep right to stay on Wauncher Gulch Rd / CR-P 19.4 mi
4 Keep left to stay on Wauncher Gulch Rd / CR-P14.9 mi
5 Turn left onto Middle Rd / Teakean Rd 2.6 mi
6 Turn right onto Meridian Rd 0.5 mi
7 Arrive at near 83541, ID on the right

The last intersection is Middle Rd / Teakean Rd
If you reach South Rd, you've gone too far.

From Orofino get on the NORTH side of the Clearwater River while in town and drive west to Ahsahka, from Ahsahka stay on the main road (P1) and continue west. You will climb a steep winding grade to the top of the hill (altitude change of about 2000 feet).
At the top of the hill (about eight miles out of Ahsahka), you will find "South Road" on your right and a United Brethren Church Camp on your left. Take a right (east) and go 1.1 miles to Newman Road.
Turn left (north) on this gravel road and go 1.5 miles to Middle Road.
Turn right (east) on this paved road and go 1.3 miles to Meridian Road.
Turn right (south) on this gravel road and go 0.5 miles to Boomershoot on your right.
About 200 yards ahead on your left will be the parking area.

Map from Orofino.
Click to get larger version.

Route:16.4 miles, 32 min
Start: 100 Michigan Ave, Orofino, ID
via Old Highway 7 / CR-P1

.1 mi
Turn right onto ID-7 / Riverside Ave

3.9 mi
Keep right onto Cavendish Hwy

7.7 mi
Turn right onto South Rd

1.1 mi
Turn left onto Newman Rd
Unpaved Road

1.5 mi
Turn right onto Middle Rd

1.3 mi
Turn right onto Meridian Rd
Unpaved Road

0.5 mi
Turn right onto road
Unpaved Road

Please stay on the road until you get as close as you can to the parking area! I take some heat when people use the hay field as a road.

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Directions to Boomershoot Mecca (explosives production facility).

Follow the directions above to South Road. From there go east 1.9 miles to a gravel road on your left. Boomershoot Mecca is 750 yards north on this narrow road.
From South Road it will look something like this:
Boomershoot Mecca
Either walk from the road up the hill to the shipping container among the tree or if the dirt road across the field is passable take that. Park in the grass on the north side (away from South Road) of the trees.

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