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Clinic and Coaching Services

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
4, 5, 6 May 2002

by Gene Econ

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Eugene has written up his After Action Review (AAR).  Whether you attended the clinic or not, I think you will find this very informative.

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Fellow Boomer Shooters:

For the Boomer Shoot 2002, Mike Haugen and I will be offering our services as coaches for shooters or teams on 4 and 6 May as well as a shooting clinic on 5 May. 


Per Joeís schedule, our clinic will be on Saturday 5 May and will go from 0900 until about 1630 or 1700. The cost will be $65.00 per person. I will not be providing my entire data book this year but will provide some of the pages that we need to make your training into something that has sound lessons learned and to prepare you for the next dayís shoot.

Take a look at my After Action Report from Boomer Shoot 2001 and you will understand why Mike and I are focusing our Clinic this year on the three topics I outline below. We will be shooting boomers as well as steel so be prepared for learning how to shoot relatively small targets at relatively long ranges. Here is what we will orient this yearís clinic around. 


Supported position development with the bench and from the prone. These are the two most common positions for the Boomer Shoot and we will exercise how to establish these positions so that they fit each shooter and do their job of stabilizing the rifle and keeping it pointed at a target while the trigger is being pulled. Sounds simple but the ĎGrassy Knollí that we shoot from isnít that nice flat and level firing line found in competitive shooting or on the average firing range. Shooters should bring bipods, tripods or some other type of rest to use in either/both positions. Simple sandbags/bean bags will work fine but shooters must ensure that they are large enough to elevate the forearm of the rifle 6 Ė 9 inches (multiple small bags work fine). 

Team Shooting:

Shooter / Observer relations to include directing a shooter on to a target, wind estimations, reading bullet trace and troubleshooting shooter performance. Each person will operate as an observer and shooter. If you are coming alone we will team you up with another lone shooter. Every team will need a spotting scope so if you are coming alone then you should bring one for yourself or to make up for the one the other guy didnít bring. A tip; objective lens size (the big end) should be 60mm minimum. You will not need magnification greater than 35X with a spotting scope and I mostly advise magnifications between 20 and 30X. Variable Spotting Scopes from 10 through 40X are a pretty good choice.

Zeroís and Shooting Skills:

Zeroing and obtaining zeros at the following approximate ranges: 250, 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. We will shoot on steel and boomers at these ranges and this training will be directed towards marksmanship skills. We will begin slow and close and work our way out. You will experience frustration in the beginning but through attention and applying some technique you will accomplish our (and your) objectives.

As you can see from the three major topics to be trained, they cover the spectrum of marksmanship skills that most fits the demands of the Boomer Shoot as well as a variety of field firing situations. As those of you who have attended our clinics in the past know, Mike and I have a great amount of experience in working with shooters and are pretty good at being able to match advice and training to the individual shooter so please donít write this off because you think you are not good enough or are too good. No matter the skill level, from the first minute of the clinic to the last, the experience is one of great comradeship, enjoyment and education.

Individual Coaching

Mike and I want to offer Boomer Shooters our services as coaches during the shooting days of 4 and 6 May. Mike and I are looking at one-hour blocks of time and at a cost of $25.00 per shooter per hour. I may want to suggest that if you are new to the Boomer Shoot, have not attended our Clinic, and have not done any shooting past the usual 100 or 200 yards then you may want to take us up on this offer. If you are an experienced Boomer Shooter who is having problems at the longer ranges or just want one of us to coach you for an hour or so, there is no doubt that we can offer you some very top notch coaching while you are shooting. Given interest in this coaching offer, I will schedule new Boomer Shooters first up during the shoot, as the close targets donít last long. Donít worry, I donít intend to leave Joeís outstanding event without taking out some of the targets but Mike and I can shoot between coaching sessions.

Advice is Free

No matter if a Boomer Shooter wants our services, we will always respond to any Boomer Shooter who has questions concerning equipment or how to approach this outstanding shooting event so feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions. In fact this is an excellent opportunity for you to get some information on possible equipment purchases or how to use something you have. If there is something in particular that you are interested in, even if only to see, let us know and we have it, weíll bring it. 

Bullets and Manuals Arenít Free


Once again I will make some custom .30 caliber bullets for those who want them. These are not loaded rounds of ammunition, only the bullet. Please contact me for what you may want and I will provide the costs. 


Last year I brought out some Russian Marksmanship manuals for those who wanted them. I have a number of military manuals that I can get copied if people are interested in them. Prices are not cheap for copying four hundred page manuals so be prepared for sticker shock. Contact me for a full listing and prices.

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Gene Econ
511 Hidden Forest Drive SE.
Lacey Washington
(360) 459-3848

Last modified: December 14, 2003