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Pictures From April 1999 by Sean

One of the shooters meetings.

Jim B. and Jerry the Geek taking a break.  See also Sixteen Helpful Hints For The Boomershooter.

The Microsoft Gun Club -- at least five of them.

Gene Econ (on the left, sitting, wearing a hat) and coaching his students from the day before

A happy shooter from the Microsoft Gun Club.

It was windy and shooting a .223, especially under these conditions, was not the easiest.  Notice the orange streamer.

Spotting and watching the action.

A boomer kicking up dust at about 360 yards.

Another Microsoft Gun Club shooter posing for a "Got Milk" ad spoof.

Mike Hines is President of the Microsoft Gun Club.  Some of the milk cartons used as targets are from Microsoft.
Photo and digital editing by Sean. 

Another version, with Rosie O'Donnell digitally edited into the picture.  That's a Hershey chocolate kiss wrapper on her head.

Clean up time!

Big boom clean up.  We piled a bunch of targets into one pile and set them all off at once.

Capture the crater?  This was the crater left by the big boom in the previous picture.

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