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Media Coverage

Outdoor Channel, January 5, 2011: Shooting Gallery, Boomershoot
Spokesman Review, May 1, 2006: For precision shooters at Sunday's Boomershoot, the thrill of the event comes in the form of an explosion.
NBC KING5 TV Seattle, May 2005: Blowing off steam at Boomershoot
KLEW TV - Lewiston, May 2, 2003: Marksmen Get Extra Bang Out of Shoot

Gun Control on Trial: Inside the Supreme Court Battle Over the Second Amendment. By Brian Doherty.

Idaho Magazine, March 2020: Gauge the Shot
Outside Magazine, May 2004: Guilty Pleasures - Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great? This lollapalooza says guns and explosives are a blast
Newsweek, May 2002: Bullet the Blue Sky

Spokesman Review, May 1, 2006: Boom with a view
Lewiston Tribune, May 5, 2005: Shooters have perfection in their sights; Retired Army sharpshooter teaches tricks of the trade
Chicago Reader, October 2004: Could a Gun-Loving Libertarian With No Campaign Budget Beat Jesse Jackson Jr.? (Brief mention of Boomershoot in article about former US Congressional Candidate Stephanie Kennedy Sailor. Photo of Sailor with the Barrett is from Boomershoot 2001.)
Lewiston Tribune, May 1, 2003: 'Geeks with guns' gather for big bang
Lewiston Tribune, May 3, 2003: At this shoot, the targets talk back
Missoulian, May 19, 2002: Things that go boom

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