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Major Eugene Econ (retired) has put on precision rifle clinics every year except 1998.  These have nearly always sold out due to the tremendous value he offers.  You won't find this level of training for even twice the price anywhere in the country.

Details of previous clinics:

bullet April 2000
bulletApril 2001
bulletMay 2002
bulletMay 2003
bulletMay 2004
bulletApril 2005
bulletApril 2006
bulletApril 2007
bulletApril 2008

Sign up for the May 2020 Precision Rifle Clinic!

Here are the After Action Reviews that Eugene has written up.  This should give you a feel for the level of detail that goes into his instruction.

bulletApril 2000 After Action Review
bulletApril 2001 After Action Review
bulletMay 2002 After Action Review 
bulletMay 2003 After Action Review
bulletMay 2004 After Action Review
bulletApril 2005 After Action Review
bulletApril 2006 After Action Review
bulletApril 2008 After Action Review

Be sure to view Gene bios if you have any thoughts about this being anything other than top-notch instruction and coaching.

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Technical Papers on Precision Rifle Shooting

bulletChoosing Optics (by noted Tactical Shooter author Mike Haugen)
bulletOptics and Their Use (by noted Tactical Shooter author Mike Haugen)
bullet The Truth About Mil Dots (EXCELLENT article by noted Tactical Shooter author Mike Haugen)
bullet Mils Versus Mils Versus Mils (by your lowly webmaster Joe Huffman)
bullet Accurate Versus Low Wind Drift Cartridges (by your lowly webmaster Joe Huffman)
bullet Accurate Chronograph Measurements (under construction)
bullet Probability Of Hitting A Distant Target (by your lowly webmaster Joe Huffman)

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Email: Joe Huffman
Last updated: October 24, 2011