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Photos and Videos

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TV/Video: Outdoor Channel | NBC KING5 TV Seattle | Spokesman Review | KLEW TV

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April 2000 | April 2001 Blast | April 2001 Precision Rifle Clinic | May 2002 | May 2003 | May 2004

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May 2002 -- A Boomershooter with shelter from the frequent rains.

May 2002 -- There are lots of explosions -- here are two at once and the remainder of a third.

April 2000 -- The beginning of the largest boomer ever at the event -- eight pounds of high explosives.  This was also our first attempt at a fireball.  It failed.

April 2001 -- The Barrett .50 BMG is always popular.

April 2001 -- Stephanie Sailor, 2000 and 2002 Libertarian candidate for U.S. congress, helping to distribute targets.

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Click on pictures to view the video

September 2, 1998 -- The first successful Boomer created by Joe Huffman.

October 1998 -- First Boomers from the first Boomershoot.

January 2003 -- 16-year old Kim Huffman-Scott testing a fireball mixture in preparation for the 2003 event.
Click on the picture for the high resolution picture.  Click here for the video.

Boomershoot 2006 clean up (14 MBytes)

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Last updated: March 06, 2012