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Media Specialists

Unless otherwise noted, all portraits of media specialists are copyright-free, pre-approved for publication re-use, as long as the photo is affiliated with Boomershoot.

Joe Huffman small imageJoe Huffman
Voice: (208) 301.4254
Fax: (425) 491.6239
Event Director, 64. three children. Joe and his two oldest kids, Jaime and Kim, attended their first dynamite shoot in 1996. They were immediately hooked and began planning to host their own event. Jaime is now a software developer for Microsoft in Redmond but Joe's daughter Kim and her husband Jacob help out each year. For complete details, see the background page.

Joe organizes the Boomershoot, helps with other shooting events, and is a certified firearms instructor. He has also been active in the gun rights movement in many capacities including a speaker at the Gun Rights Policy Conferences in St. Louis (1999), and Washington, D.C. (2000). Wanting better software to simulate precision long-range dynamite shooting Joe wrote the state of the art exterior ballistics program Modern Ballistics. His blog is considered one of the top gun blogs receiving an average of nearly 1000 visits a day. He has a Masters degree in electrical engineering.  He is currently employed as a software developer.

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Ry Jones small imageRy Jones
(425) 736-9587
Assistant Director, 48. Three children; appeared in Armed America; blogger. Current interests include photography and firearms. Designed and managed construction of the explosives magazine for Boomershoot.

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Rolf Nelson small imageRolf Nelson
Rolf at thestarscameback dot com
(425) 868.5268
Range Officer, 55. Rolf is a teacher (sci / math / soc studies) in the Seattle area. He's the kind of science teacher who enjoys hands-on chemistry work, as evidenced in his appearance on NBC King 5 News, where Rolf blew up an unforgettable fireball at Boomershoot 2005.

He's is also an NRA certified instructor, former Microsoft employee (and a founding member of Microsoft Gun Club, former US Army combat engineer, and former medieval fighter. Rolf is married, has two kids, and a dog. Hobbies include gardening, reading, writing, hunting, stock option and precious metals trading, photography, and the occasional 700 km canoe race.

Having grown up in Alaska, Rolf has been around guns and shooting his entire life. The US Army was his formal introduction to the use and enjoyment of explosives.

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Email: Joe Huffman
Last updated: November 30, 2019