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Pictures from April 2000 by Boyd and Sandra

"JG" showed up!  I put him with the daffodils because there weren't any pansies available. (Jim says that I did put him next to a pansy, I put him next to me!)

A top end gun -- a Barrett .50 BMG.  Zero targets hit.

A lowly SKS.  Zero targets hit.

The guns of JimG.  He claims 10 targets.

Definitely a Sandra Picture

The Barrett is 45 pounds and is quite a load to be fired from the shoulder.

The two half gallon cartons were filled with "Joe's Special Blend", the one quart carton was with VV 3N37 (contaminated with a bit of Varget), the plastic milk jug was 1/2 full of gasoline.  The explosion sequence below was the result.  Bugs Bunny and Symantec C++ up in a big boom and a cloud of smoke.

Photo by Russ.

Photo by Sandra.

Photo by Sandra.

Photo by Boyd.

Photo by Sandra.

It was cold and wet, but most people were prepared.

Some people were more prepared than others.  Down at the end under cover was Sam and his gang.  Sam got a bit wet at his first shoot and came much better prepared this time.

Joe and "JG" in a moment of cooperation and pleasantries.

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Last updated: February 14, 2005