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Precision Rifle Clinic -- 28 April 2001

“Spanking Steel”
Gene Econ 

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Final Report

Eugene has written up his After Action Review (AAR).  Whether you attended the clinic or not, I think you will find this very informative.

Some of the highlights that I remember:


The rain.


The cold.


The mud.


Everyone being thankful for the use of Alan's shop for the lecture portion of the clinic.


Rolf finding the wrong shop.


The poor guy that came looking for the Geo Cache.  Here is what he had to say on the Geocache web site about his experience:
I was just walking away after rehiding this stash when a convoy of trucks and cars arrived at the location. Out piled a bunch of guys with guns! I started to think that maybe I had done something wrong! :) It turns out that the Palouse Practical Shooters club was holding a clinic here, a day before the scheduled blast. They didn't seem too excited to see a stranger walking through their target area, but I got to meet Joe, the cache hider. I took one of Joe's special packages, and left another souvenir penny from Seattle.


Thinking that Gene and Mike really should make it a two day event or at least a couple hours longer.  There is just too much material for one day.


The rain.


The cold.


The mud.


Frantically building 91 more 1/2 pint targets (with Ry's help) way late into the night after the clinic was over.


Being thankful that Stephanie's plane was late coming into Pullman where I had to pick her up.


Wearing large muddy boots with pants covered in mud while waiting in the airport terminal.

The catered lunch from Dean Gimstead and company was very much appreciated.

Lunch was a time for discussing the lecture of the previous couple of hours.

I don't think this really indicates how wet and cold it was in the early afternoon.  It stopped raining after about an hour though.

This is after the rain stopped.  It was just windy and cold then.

One guy put his 1/2 pint target out at the 340 yard line.

Most went at the 285 yard line.

The bridge was a bit slick with the mud and water on it, but it was far better than wading across the creek.


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There are still some slots open.


As of today there are only 6 slots still open.


As of today there are 10 slots still open.

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Welcome again to the Boomershoot Clinic! 

This year’s Clinic will be held on Saturday, 28 April from 10 A.M. until 5 P.M.  Once again I will have my good friend Mike Haugen assisting me in the training and coaching of shooting teams or individual shooters.  

This year I will bring out ten to fifteen steel targets for us to use along with twenty “reactive” targets that I will have Joe make up for us.  The steel will be of various sizes and shapes and we will array them in such a manner that even those with iron sights can get some hits at the long ranges so drag out that old M-1 Garand, M-1903 Springfield, AR-15 or your hunting rifle along with your “Boomer Grade” rifle.  I can assure you all that the day will be exciting, fun, and educational. 


Iron and Optical Sights:  Mike Haugen and I will give a short class on the various types of Iron and Optical Sights that are common.  The intent is to give you technical information on these sights, how they can be used for various firing situations, and how to look at sights in both practical and economical terms.  

Zero Use:  This instruction will focus on the use of zero’s so you will be able to use one zero to sweep the array of steel out to 700 yards.   This type of training is ideally suited for optics with stadia reticles but we will show you how to use your standard optic and any iron sights you may have to do the same thing.

Alternate Positions:  As the firing line is difficult to use in the prone position – we will provide some instruction on the use of slings and the use of observer assisted firing positions.

Rapid Target Engagement:  Given we have learned and practiced our use of zero’s – we will get into rapid multiple target engagement so you can learn how to sweep the field of steel in very short order.  If all are inclined – we will have a little competition between the teams to see who can sweep the field in the shortest time. 

Coaching:  Mike and I will put each team through a series of drills to get the two man teams working together and to enforce the instruction we have given.  In addition, we will be available for individual coaching at anyone’s request throughout the day so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Equipment Needed

Clothing:  I suggest you bring out clothing suited for cold and wet conditions.  We normally dress in layers so if the temperatures get warm we can strip off layers as needed.

Rifles:  Bring out your “Boomer” grade rifle as well as any other rifle you may want to drill with.  By all means – bring out your service grade rifle or iron-sighted rifle.  I don’t recommend cartridges that are mid- range such as the 30-30 or 7.62X39 as they just won’t do too well past 300 yards but if you want to bring your SKS or Winchester you are welcome to do so.

Ammunition:  You will need a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition for the Clinic.  Please – no Armor Piercing ammo.  Tracer is OK as long as Joe allows it. [Note from Joe: Tracers will be fine unless it is unusually dry.] 

Sights:  These are up to you.  We will give instruction on Iron Sights as well as optics.

Spotting Scope:  Mike Haugen reminded me about this issue.  Each two-man team requires a spotting scope of some sort.  Field Glasses will work but are hard to deal with so I recommend a spotting scope of some sort.  If you don’t have one – contact me and I will send you a run down on some features you may desire as well as some places for you to shop. 

Entry Instructions

Cost: $75.00 per person.

This cost includes my Special Operations Target Interdiction Training Data Book that will be needed for the Clinic.

I will take up to twenty shooters and need payment prior to 10 April. 

Please send payment to the following address.

Eugene Econ
511 Hidden Forest Drive Se.
Lacey, Washington 98513

Other Things

Bullets:  Once again I will make some custom .30 and .223 bullets for those who want them.  Please contact me for what you may want and I will provide the costs.

Manuals:  Last year I brought out some Russian Marksmanship manuals for those who wanted them.  I have a number of military manuals that I can get copied if people are interested in them.  Contact me for a full listing and prices.

Ammunition:  Last year a shooter thought that the bullets I made for him were loaded ammunition.  The bullets I sell are only the bullets.  If any of you can’t seem to buy or load any live ammunition – I can load some for you but it will take some work on your part to supply me with powder, primers, and brass.  If you need this service – contact me so we can go over options.

Contact Information:  Feel free to call or write and do ask questions if you have any.

Gene Econ
(360) 459-3848

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Last modified: February 06, 2006