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Boomershoot Pictures from Friday May 7,2004

Early Friday morning Ry and I loaded up Dennis's trailer with targets.

The view from the 700 yard line early in the morning.

Range is populated.  Click on the picture for a high resolution view so you can see the distant targets.

Joe at the shooters meeting explaining that we don't have a 180 degree range here.

The fireball targets look pretty but they didn't work properly.

The first target failed to ignite, the second was successful, the third shown here early in the process has no choice.

The final demo target on Friday.  Click on the picture for a high resolution image.

James, in the orange vest patrols the firing line.

Son&Heir du Toit, Kim du Toit, and Ry Jones.

An eight inch target at 700 yards kicked up a bunch of dust.  Click on the picture for a high resolution image.

The shooting line to the east.

Shooting and spotting from the new berm.

Lunch time show of an anvil launch.  Click on the picture for a high resolution image.

Xenia babysat the youngest spectator.

Lee Ellyn gets some trigger time.

Kim du Toit getting in position to 'help' Stephanie 'shoot his rifle'.
See also Kim's blog posting on this topic.

Stephanie got other offers to shoot rifles.

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