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Update May 22, 2004

The After Action Report is up and available.

Update March 1, 2004

The clinic, as expected, filled up.  I received an email from Eugene saying:

Tell the folks to write me an e-mail asking to be on the waiting list. No money is necessary. I will get hold of them in a first come first serve basis and they can pay me at the clinic.

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DATE: May 8 2004
TIME: 0830 – 1730
LINK UP LOCATION: Boomer Shoot Firing Line (Grassy Knoll)
COST: $70.00 Per Person with Rebates for Repeat Shooters
CLINIC SIZE: 24 Shooters
AMMO: 120 Rounds
REGISTRATION: See Registration Form
GEAR NEEDED: See Equipment List

Fellow Boomer Shooters!

Christmas displays are already up and it is time to think about that new spotting scope or rifle you need for the 2K4 Boomer Shoot and Clinic. Decision time is coming. You can opt for that $800.00 gizmo for your computer or car that will be obsolete in a year, or you can pick up a high quality spotting scope and see bullet trace for years to come. The decision is yours.

Joe has flattened out the top of the Grassy Knoll and from the pictures it seems I may not have to make a three hundred pound ‘portable’ bench after all. I have shot prone supported for every Boomer Shoot and after last year I vowed to make a pretty solid shooting bench instead of trying to do battle with the downward slope of the firing line. I think that flattening out the firing line will go a very long way in terms of blowing up more targets. It will certainly make our lives easier for the 2K4 Clinic and save me the agony of making and moving a bench around. Besides, I am buying more steel for this year and won’t be able to fit a bench into the truck.

If you are new to the Boomer Shoot – please read the AARs from the last clinics. Joe has them posted to his Boomer Shoot site. These AARs will answer most of your questions. If not – call or write me e-mail and I will give you the best advice I can.


As with any type of training I run, no matter the audience, the intent remains one of learning. With shooting, one learns from experience and my training philosophy is based on giving you four things.

  1. Concept: We will focus on a ‘Precision Field Fire’ concept that I have devised over the last four Boomer Shoots. A concept is just that – a concept. It isn’t a step by step process without any understanding of why – but a concept that gives logical direction from which each individual will develop his own specific manner of approach.
  2. Demonstration: A demonstration of the ‘Precision Field Fire’ concept. Folks learn by seeing more than listening or reading. We will demonstrate the concept of precision field fire for you to see and understand. It has been proven to be effective and I encourage you to adapt it to suit your needs.
  3. Practice / Experiment: The opportunity to experiment with the concept and adapt as you see fit. I encourage you to think through problems with a positive image of a successful outcome – then try your plan and see that it works.
  4. Coaching: Coaching readily available to assist in working out problems or to assist with the learning process. My Assistant Instructor and I are there to coach you – but don’t expect us to give you an answer. Do expect us to assist you in a logical approach to problem solving.

OK – so now where do we go on this Clinic? We do what has been tried and proven to work in the past – and throw in a dose of Performance Enhancement or ‘Mental Skills’ training so we see more explosions with less ammo.


More Shooting: We will spend more time on field fire and will have a ‘Lessons Learned’ during lunch. Lunch will be a ceasefire so we can eat and BS with each other.

More Steel: I have obtained more Steel targets so we will have a very target rich environment with from 5 to 10 IPSC steel silhouettes, 10 – 15 each 12 inch poppers, and from 5 to 10 six inch poppers – roughly three times the number of steel targets as last year.

Performance Enhancement: We will spend time on the positive effects of mental attitude on our performance. Anyone – no matter his experience – will gain from these important skills.

No Movement of Firing Line: All shooting will be from Joe’s new firing line on the top of the hill.

Paper Zero Optional: Zeroing on paper is optional. If anyone wants to print on paper -- I will have paper targets ready to put in at 25 yards (the old firing line) and at the 375-yard impact area. The 375 targets will be the large 12-inch Shoot-N-See targets.

Ability Groups Out / Two Man Teams Stay: I will not try to divide the clinic into ability groups. We will train in two person teams as before.

Data Books Issued: I will create and distribute a weather proof ‘Field Data’ book to every clinic shooter. This book will be oriented around the Boomer Shoot and is based on my lessons learned from the past four clinics.

Rebates: I will give rebates to those who have been to previous clinics – to the tune of $10.00 for every clinic you have attended. I have the rosters from 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2003 and will give you the rebate on the range when you sign in.


0830: We will link up at the top of the hill and get signed in. All shooting will be from Joe’s new firing line. Before we move onto the firing line – we will need to get into two person teams so sign up with your buddy or tell me and we will find another individual shooter to buddy up with.

0900 – 1000 Formal Instruction: We will have a short block of instruction on the following topics in order to get us started.

Safety Briefing – Range Rules that will govern our actions for the rest of the day.

Data Book Organization – I will produce and distribute to all clinic shooters a small data book of “Mission Essential” information for the Clinic. We will cover this data book so you can understand why it is designed the way it is and how to use it for your training.

Shooter / Observer Dialogue – As this is a mission essential part of any Boomer Shoot – we will go over this briefly and will follow it up with a demonstration when we move on to the firing line.

Wind Doping – I will emplace about twenty range flags on the range this year and we will use these flags along with a common sense method of doping winds to get us into the ‘ball park’.

Performance Enhancement Techniques – Solid and proven mental techniques that bring success in shooting and any endeavor.

1000 – 1100 Firing Position Demonstration: My Assistant Instructor and I will cover the following things for all to see.

Rifle and Equipment Inspection: More than common sense – a necessity to eliminate any mechanical problems before shooting.

Establishing a Firing Position: The training issue isn’t what position one chooses to use – but how to make that firing position do as much of the work as physically possible. We will focus on the supported position but will also demonstrate the use of the sling in supported and unsupported positions.

Organizing the Range: We will show how we will organize the range so we can shift rapidly between target areas using Target Reference Points and Shift from a Known Point.

Shooter / Observer Dialogue: This will be done live fire with pauses to answer questions or to explain things.

Use of Data Book: This will be done during live fire so all can see how we tie in all the parts of the data book to get solid recorded zeros, and to troubleshoot mechanical or human error.

1100 – 1230 Spanking Steel I: I will have from 5 to 10 IPSC steel targets, 10 – 15 each 12 inch and from 5 to 10 six inch poppers in the impact areas so there will be many steel targets to go for.

1230 – 1330 Lunch and Lessons Learned: All quiet on the firing line for our lunch. Time to get some food and enjoy the company of fellow riflemen. We will gather and conduct a lessons learned for fifteen or so minutes before more shooting.

1330 – 1530 Spanking Steel II: Get zeros, get zeros, get zeros. Learn how to read trace, how to talk with a shooter, how to dope winds. Results will bring confidence and precision.

1530 - 1600 Issue Boomers: One large and two small per shooter – placed where you want them as long as they are inside Joe’s impact areas.

1600 – 1730 Shoot the Boomers!

1700 – UTC – After Action Review

If you want to register, go to the registration form and send it to me with your payment of $70.00. I will give the rebates when you sign in on the range.

Thank you.

Gene Econ
October 2K3

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Last updated: June 12, 2004