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Pictures from April 2001

Unless otherwise noted, the photos were taken by JoeH. 

See also the pictures from the clinic on Saturday.

Video of the first shots and explosions.  By Ry Jones.

Video of a Bart Simpson Doll getting blow up by a Moscow Idaho police sniper.  By Ry Jones.

It was such a pleasant change to have a bridge across the creek even if it was a bit slick when wet and muddy.

The target stands were built Saturday morning by this crew.

This crew didn't have an inside job during the rain Saturday morning.

How many candidates for US Congress do you know that will put a on flak jacket and pack explosives across the field?  Vote Libertarian!

Don't ask.  I don't know what I was doing/saying at this time.
Photo by Sean.  (Just wait Sean, you know I won't forget this.)

I love daffodils and explosives in the spring.  
Photo by Stephanie.

It was a bit on the cool side when we weren't moving, but there were only a few drops of rain.  
Photo by Stephanie.

Photo by Stephanie.

And more shooters. 
Photo by Stephanie.

And more shooters. 
Photo by Stephanie.

After years of harassment, Bob finally showed up! 
Photo by Stephanie.

Paul made it too!  Again, after years of harassment. 
Photo by Stephanie.

One of the many .50 BMG's. 
Photo by Stephanie.

Deputy Spence talking with Stephanie about gun laws.  Idaho is much more friendly than Chicago.
Photo by Sean.

Deputy Spence doing his PR work with the Barrett .50.

I wonder if the Chicago voters would be more inclined to vote for her if they saw this picture?  I know I support Sailor for Congress!

Little Red Riding Hood (Christie) can take care of any wolf with this gun.
Photo by Sean.

Minnie looks a bit too happy for the circumstances.  That's a pound of high explosives she is duct-taped to.

Minnie and Tweety have seen better days. 
Photo by Stephanie.

Good job Brandon!
The staff got to set off some explosives too. 
Photo by Stephanie.

The last shot and boom of the day.
Photo by Stephanie.

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Last updated: March 07, 2012