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UltiMAK Boomershoot 2004

6:00 PM Friday May 7th

ak47 ak-47 ak 47 30 carbine mini14 mini 14 mini-14 optic scope mount

So... you have been to lots of boomershoots before.  You think you have your adrenaline under control?  Then this event will result in some serious attitude adjustment. 

You and four or five other people come up to the line with rifles carrying state of the art red-dot optics and all the free ammo you can handle.  Each of you has 15 targets all to yourself, 24 pounds of explosives no more than 50 yards away.  The commence fire signal is given and you all let loose at the same time.  The ground will be torn up and the evening sky will be filled with fire, smoke, dust and mud as each of you detonate your targets as rapidly as you can.  When the ground stops shaking and your heart slows below a machine gun rate you will scrape the mud out from between your teeth and beg for a chance to do it again.  That will be the scene Friday evening May 7th at the UltiMAK Boomershoot 2004.  UltiMAK, a design and manufacturing firm, will be providing free guns and ammo for you to shoot "up close and personal" at some boomers.  If you think the targets "talk back" from 400 yards away imagine what it will be like from 25 to 40 yards away.

Do an early celebration of the expiration of the assault weapon ban!  This is the perfect event for high capacity magazines and your full-auto toys.  Hose down those targets from the hip, tear up the ground and fill the sky with smoke and dirt!

This event is experimental and is limited to just 20 runs.  Each run will consist of 15 targets, 10 one pounders, 3 two pounders, and 2 four pounders.  Some may be "fireball enhanced".  Others will have different "enhancements".  Each run will cost $80.00.  Fill out this entry form and mail it to:

PPS Boomershoot 2004
P.O. Box 3745
Moscow, ID 83843-1916

The "-1916" is critical!  It goes to the wrong post office without that.

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Email: Joe Huffman
Last updated: March 07, 2004